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Welcome to RINDER, Inc. and its financial consultants. 


RINDER, Inc. is about strength...integrity...calm...resolved management.  We are conservative and analytical in our approach to problem solving.  It is a boutique financial consultancy firm that helps businesses manage their finance departments and improve relations with their bankers.  Employing strong, experienced professionals who have been CFOs of companies, both privately held and public, RINDER, Inc. is uniquely qualified to help your company or your client's company navigate through difficult waters.

Almost every company or person needs financial consultant advices, because:

  • Financial consultant helps you to deal with the fact what you want in future and set goals.
  • Financial consultant helps to make the analysis of your financial status and make recommendations for adjustments, if necessary.
  • Financial consultant helps you build your personal financial plan.
  • Financial consultant gives investment advices, taking into account probable risks.
  • Financial consultant helps you develop wide network of business connections and find a specialist like a Durham accident lawyer in no time.
  • Financial consultant helps to choose proper investment instruments.

Also we are helping our clients, who are business owners by organizing trainings for self-development. These trainings are oriented on the planning of your own business according to the income. Take a look at information on web-site of financial planner course in Canada and find the opportunities of selected career.

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Click on "What we do" for more and "Our team" for the bios on our professionals or contact our beloved President for further information.

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