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How to help your clients choose the right fire extinguisher


Nowadays there are a lot of companies that can offer a great variety of fire extinguisher to their clients. As a result, sometimes it can be hard for people to choose the most appropriate one for their house or office. As a result, you want to be the company that is the leader in this field. As a result, you need to explore some great methods how to increase your sales significantly.

So, first of all you need to present all the possible information about your product to your clients. Fires can start in lots of should be accessible for your client. To most excellent protect your home and family, it is not simply enough to have a fire extinguisher accessible; it is essential to present the right kind of extinguisher on hand and to offer fire extinguisher testing for your clients as well.

Here are some common types of fire extinguishers that might be appropriate for your company. In addition, there are five universal classes of fire extinguishers. Just the first three can be relevant to usual residential purposes and suitable for your clients. The classes are:

  • Class A: for common combustibles (paper, wood, fabric)
  • Class B: for combustible liquids (gasoline, lubricant, oil)
  • Class C: for electrical equipment (machines, tools)

What’s more, for most home use, it is better buy an A-B-C fire extinguisher that can be applied for all three classes of fires.

On the other hand, let your clients know that in case a label is missing a letter or symbol for a definite fire type, it denotes there hasn’t been any fire extinguisher testing for applying on that type of fire.

In addition, don’t forget to mention that fire extinguisher can be discharged totally in as little as 8 seconds. Be sure your client has chosen a suitable size. As a result, the higher the size ranking, the heavier the fire extinguisher.

And, finally, your company should present fire extinguisher standards to all clients in order to be the company number one. Here are some of them

  • A fire extinguisher must have the seal of an autonomous testing lab.
  • A fire extinguisher in a commercial, multi-residential building or municipal building must be tested and labeled once a year.
  • Extinguisher needs regular care.
  • Rechargeable extinguisher must be serviced after each use.
  • Not reusable fire extinguisher can be used one time and then must be replaced.

So, lots of department stores put up for sale portable fire extinguishers. As a result, you need to be sure your company present the most outstanding services for your clients and gives the possibility to choose the most suitable fire extinguishers.

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